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if you want us to have a quick, unofficial  look at any footage you may have, then please email us!!  (However we always suggest approaching a Full-Time Investigator first!)

If you want to professionally examine any or all of our evidence, then please do so!
This is a site with all private UAP/UFO related footage and analysis In Fife, SCOTLAND.

All are free to view.

This is an entirely Self-Funded site and run by  two brothers who are sky-watching Amateur enthusiasts!!

if you don't believe us we don't mind! We are not selling anything. Just looking & Just sharing!!!

Please  view and leave feedback, suggestions or even analyse my footatge etc and let us know what you think.



Full Length Super-Fly Guy Footage​​

Drop Down​​


This is the full footage. It is extremely rapid and you can appreciate how slow you need to watch this in (milliseconds) in order to get a decent image.  This is still under investigation. Filmed on Pro 20 Phone.​​

 Just some short footage and analysis of a small object in view briefly. Interesting...​​

This is a very short catch by my static camera, however, still impressive I think!
See what you think?!! Analysis also.



Small objects flying through the sky outside my house as usual!
(I think they are single occupany craft but who knows?!?!) These small white orbs are quite a common frequency worldwide and the purpose is as yet unknown, but could be as simple as transportation to and from here....but to where...?!!  TAXI!!!!!!​​

 Originally was thought to be a simple light refraction but proved otherwise.  Turned blue toward end.  Analysis shows some strange stuff.........?!?!?
(Still being investigated!)

Some  Stills & Analysis from Above​​

These are just a few stills & analysis from Super-Fly Guy footage. Interesting shapes and other things.....?!? ​​

Two Times​​

Originally suspected to be planes but I had a feeling they were not & analysis backs-up instincts!!  See what you think, but clearly not planes.......​​​​ REALLY COOL.

B u t t e rfl y Effe c t

Thought this was a White Butterfly when I first watched the footage back but later analysis brings up some interesting images!! Judge for yourself............ 

Looks like a Plane, acts like a Plane............ (Plainly not!)​

A few craft that think they are planes. One of the short clips slowed down to 0.03 of a second.........Clearly not planes...........

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