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if you want us to have a quick, unofficial  look at any footage you may have, then please email us!!  (However we always suggest approaching a Full-Time Investigator first!)

If you want to professionally examine any or all of our evidence, then please do so!
This is a site with all private UAP/UFO related footage and analysis In Fife, SCOTLAND.

All are free to view.

This is an entirely Self-Funded site and run by  two brothers who are sky-watching Amateur enthusiasts!!

if you don't believe us we don't mind! We are not selling anything. Just looking & Just sharing!!!

Please  view and leave feedback, suggestions or even analyse my footatge etc and let us know what you think.


Links (Please highlight, copy and paste into browser to view footage)

Sunbeam Footage

First Footage With New Camcorder

 Super-Slo Mo &  Analysis

These are some screenshots of main footage (BELOW), even slower, split and also some awesome analysis near end. This is NOT a natural object. This shows straight lines, right angles and rooms. These are pictures of an extreme rotating vehicle. Main shortened footage below. If you have an answer for these, let me know!!?

Superfly Guy

This footage is extremely fast. I slowed it down to  0.03/sec and still quick!  This has not been fully investigated yet but this is just a sample. I have only managed to quickly check about 1-2 secs out of 12mins as it takes so long as >0.003 speed! I would recommend go Zoom & Super-Slow Mo and Pause/Play rapid. I believe there could be lots of things in this, Don't just take my word. see for yourself!!  Really Weird. (Full 12 mins available)

Compilation  Footage

This Footage shows an object which goes through a sunbeam then changes colour, shape  and speed!

This Footage shows my first ever capture of a UAP/UFO. Amazing Screenshots Analysis shows an occupant! Amazing!!

Night Craft Footage

This Footage is one of a kind.  It shows a craft. in the darkness, entering or leaving. It also shows a "circular power-burst". The screenshots show the fantastic shape and detail I have been able to uncover! This will blow your mind............I challenge anyone to explain this?

This Footage was previously classed as an 'Orb' but later appeared to be a 'Craft' with another Occupant! (Please check out many Screenshots Analysis done showing amazing details!)

The above footage again shot by my brother, when slowed down shows several items moving eratically. at full speed it appears to be just one item but analysis shows various objects and using software/analysis, we discover what is undiscovered!! One of which is rather similar to WWII "De Glocke".


Normally we don't feature items from outside Fife or Scotland but on this occasion we will!  We were watching and filming the ISS/Dragon Capture Live (03/03/2019) and I was checking out other cameras on the ISS and caught this and analysed it.  If you know what it is, let me know! There are also orange light sequences which I captured and these are available to view (Just ask).

Craft - Daytime  Jump

These are short ZOOM versions of main video.

Above is: Protractor Measure View & Slow

This amazing Main Footage from above shows what looks like a plane travelling but turns out to be something much different. I strongly suggest you zoom right in (4.40 onwards) and watch it jump!

More Stuff...

This amazing footage just captured  (17/02/19).  Originally I was filming orbs playing in the sky and got this as a bonus!  Full version available for analysis.


Two for the Price of One!! Same Day, more traffic!!!

This Footage shows a tiny amount of footage so far!  Originally for Press Release, it has a quick taste of some of  what we have caught! Definitely check out the "Amazing Screenshots Analysis" of craft occupants!!

Orb Footage

(Metallic looking Orb at 1.26)

(Flashing, Colourful Orb!! This Footage continued for hours) Lots of footage available for analysis!!

Various Captures

The above 2 New clips (Feb 19) feature more strange craft footage. This one appears to change shape, speed and colour!! This is from Feb 2019. Slow it down...........It's not a weather balloon......!!

The above new video (Feb 19) is another great capture by my brother!  It show an object suddenly appearing. The analysis shows this is not a simple refraction of light....decide for yourself!?  (But it appears  to have solidity)

Filmed 040319. This shows several objects which, on first appearance look like normal birds, turn out to be something far different!  It shows what looks like figures standing beside a machine of some description?  Strange indeed!


We have lots of extra Footage/Screenshots/Screenshot Analysis, so if you see something you want to see more of, please ask and I can forward you what we have.  If we don't have it, then we don't have it!! We have thousands of Screenshots and we try to Analyse it all...............!!!!