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For all contact, email first:

[email protected]
07565 104524

if you want us to have a quick, unofficial  look at any footage you may have, then please email us!!  (However we always suggest approaching a Full-Time Investigator first!)

If you want to professionally examine any or all of our evidence, then please do so!
This is a site with all private UAP/UFO related footage and analysis In Fife, SCOTLAND.

All are free to view.

This is an entirely Self-Funded site and run by  two brothers who are sky-watching Amateur enthusiasts!!

if you don't believe us we don't mind! We are not selling anything. Just looking & Just sharing!!!

Please  view and leave feedback, suggestions or even analyse my footatge etc and let us know what you think.

  1. Cameras
    I purchased the first camera which was followed swiftly by another, bought by my brother. Both Panasonic HD everyday small camcorders. My camera is a Panasonic V180 HD with 500x Zoom as basic! My brother then bought a Panasonic HD SD41.
  2. Adaptions
    The V180 HD was adapted to "Full Spectrum" by a small company "Infraready". This allows the camera to see outside the normal range of optical sight that humans can currently see.
  3. Additions
    "Infraready", the company who converted the camera also supplied an addition of an adaption for the lens. I purchased an IR 1000nm lens filter which allows only certain light in and could be used for viewing 'Cloaking' This was adapted to 52mm screw.
  4. Tripods
    We bought a simple, but very effective extendable tripod, which has a basic tilt & swivel mech with spirit level and screw in fastener and holder for smartphone. This was inexpensive. I also purchased a 360 degree swivel Ballhead 1/4" Screw Mount Stand for top of tripod.
  5. Memory Cards
    We purchased two "Sandisk 128Gb & 64Gb SDXC" Memory Cards (Class 10). I feel these work very well and hold a good amount of footage along with being a good quality product. There is also a back-up incase!
  6. Batteries
    Although the cameras came with a standard battery, I would advise buying a double size battery and the site I bought mine from also included a double charger, USB and Car Charger. Sensible to always have a battery ready to go!!
  7. Software
    Analysis Software: Pixcavator, Michael Vinthers Image Analyser GIMP 2.10.8, Inpixio, Screen Cast-O-Matic v2.0, Photo POS PRO 3, VSDC, Windows Movie Maker, MS Paint Magnification/
  8. Footage Storage
    Because of the amount of data concerned from footage and screenshots, all footage is safely stored on "Dropbox". These links are stored in the "Footage LInks" Section. Just simply copy and paste into your browser and watch!!
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TEL: 07565 104524
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