Fife, Scotland

For all contact, email first:

[email protected]
07565 104524

if you want us to have a quick, unofficial  look at any footage you may have, then please email us!!  (However we always suggest approaching a Full-Time Investigator first!)

If you want to professionally examine any or all of our evidence, then please do so!
This is a site with all private UAP/UFO related footage and analysis In Fife, SCOTLAND.

All are free to view.

This is an entirely Self-Funded site and run by  two brothers who are sky-watching Amateur enthusiasts!!

if you don't believe us we don't mind! We are not selling anything. Just looking & Just sharing!!!

Please  view and leave feedback, suggestions or even analyse my footatge etc and let us know what you think.

Things are looking up.......
The chances of us earthlings being alone in the vastness of Space are nil.

It is that simple.

Infact we don't have to look very far, just look up!

When was the last time you just stopped and looked up?

Not often i bet?!  Next time take a camera or phone and record............

Us humans are rather too fixated on our everyday problems instead of looking at the bigger, MASSIVE picture above us.


"What you see is what you get!!"
Nothing here has been "PhotoShopped" or changed.  Only filters using cutting edge Analysis Software has been used to find hidden areas and highlight others.
We will endeavour to update as often as we can. Once a new decent amount of footage etc has been collected, we will add.  We will never remove any items.
Trust me, you will have questions!! 
I have lots myself.  Please feel free to ask anything you want regarding footage etc.  Personal questions, depending on subject may not be answered to protect privacy.  Please understand!?